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What We Do

About Happy Hours Workshop

Cerebral Palsy Association of India is a 40+ year old NGO which dedicates its efforts towards providing optimal care and seek rehabilitation of individuals afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, Mental handicap or persons with similar neurological disabilities. Padma Bhushan recipient Dr. NH Wadia founded the organization and played a pivotal role in garnering support for the cause. Happy Hours Workshop center was setup in 1995, as a unique project of Cerebral Palsy to engage these special adults in Bandra west and currently focuses on 50 such special handicapped adults.

The workshop has brought new meaning to lives of both children and their parents and provides engagement to the multiple handicapped. Our endeavor is to assist mentally disabled adults to learn different vocational activities such as making handcrafted goods and paintings. These items are then put up for sale at various exhibitions around the city. The workshop has made a difference to both special adults and their parents. Most importantly it enmeshes these special individuals as a part of the integrated social framework.

Our Mission, Values & Goals

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