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Initiatives & Events

Cerebral Palsy Association organised a medical camp in Bandra

Happy Hours Workshop, an NGO along with Cerebral Palsy Association organised a medical camp in Bandra, Mumbai on 25 April, 2015. The medical camp was inaugurated and supported by BJP MP Poonam Mahajan. The camp offered free dental and physical check-ups to people from all walks of life and saw participation of over 200 people across Mumbai.

United Nations International Day of Persons with Disability: 3rd December

Happy Hours Workshop celebrates the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disability held every year on 3rd of December. A major focus of this day is to highlight progress and obstacles in implementing disability-sensitive policies, as well as promote public awareness to break barriers and open doors: for an inclusive society for all. Cerebral Palsy Association of India and Happy Hours workshop have taken the pledge to lead the four-pronged Include, Organize , Celebrate & Take Action on the World International Day of Persons with Disability.

Over one billion people - approximately 15 per cent of the world’s population, live with some form of disability. Around the world, persons with disabilities face physical, social, economic and attitudinal barriers that exclude them from participating fully and effectively as equal members of society. They are disproportionately represented among the world’s poorest, and lack equal access to basic resources, such as education, employment, healthcare and social and legal support systems, as well as have a higher rate of mortality. In spite of this situation, disability has remained largely invisible and precious little has been done to elevate this particular section of society, especially in India.

Blooming Flowers: A Musical Fundraising Event – March 2013

Happy Hours Workshop organized a summer musical concert at the Ravindra Natya Mandir to kick off a campaign to raise funds for the special adults afflicted with Cerebral Palsy and mental retardation. The event showcased the talents of our budding musicians, singers & dancers who all performed in full zest. The students focused on telling their story, demonstrating their need and proving themselves to potential donors.

Let there be Light

This in house project is associated with the Festival of lights and marks the end of darkness and the proverbial biblical light entering the lives of the children affected by disabilities. For most of them – dependency on others and the societal pressure of them not being the norm creates a void in their lives. Our project instills a ray of hope in them with the gleaming promise of liberation … of being able to do something independently.

Happy Hours Workshop, has taken a proactive stance in engaging with these special adults by creating a favorable environment for them. Preparation for diwali gift items by designing and decorating diyas, torans, bags, envelops, etc.

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