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With a humble beginning and keeping human relations above all Cerebral Palsy Association of India and it’s  unit  Happy Hours Workshop for P.D.A.’s (People With Different Abilities) was initiated in the Year 1968, by a set of dedicated parents of individuals with special needs. The aim was SERVING COMMUNITY, ENRICHING LIFE.   Housed in bright and airy premises with large comfortable classrooms and activity areas, the workshop is student’s delight. Here we welcome  P.D.A.’s (People with Different Abilities) by providing engagement and helping them to be a part of the integrated social framework. Giving  the parents some free time to focus on their own lives.



Individuals are taught activities to suit their ability and acquire specific skills. This activity helps in developing eye hand coordination and fine motor skills.Individual attention is given to strengthen the weaker parts of the body and make the mind more alert.Physically disabled especially the ones with hearing & Speech impairment are taught sewing skills to enable them with earning potential to support themselves.

While these students find it difficult to pursue academics, they are exposed to wide variety of books in our well stocked library, where they learn through pictures and some reading.  This library is also open to general public.

Each and every student at the centre participates in group dance, music and yoga therapy which helps in rejuvenating body and mind. These therapies help in keeping ones mind calm and cheerful allowing both mind and body to grow. Coaching & training in various games in collabration with Dep. of physical education  University of Mumbai (kalina).



Cooking is an integral part of the skills our students develop. This helps them in not only becoming a help at home but also gives an opportunity for a potential livelihood.

Learning computers

In today’s world of technology it is very necessary that the individuals with different abilities also learn to operate the computers to the fullest of their ability.

Physiotherapy Unit 

A fully equipped physiotherapy unit for the individuals with different abilities to get in house therapy and even outsiders can avail these facilities.



3rd Dec. is international day for the person with disabilities which is celebrated every year since 2013. This brings about awareness amongst general public. Students from similar institutions and main stream schools join these celebrations.

World C. P day is celebrated since 2015, in association with social welfare department by bringing students  afflicted with C.P together under one roof for entertainment and competitions. This is widely  supported by celebrities, dignitaries, main stream schools and teachers.

Giving a platform to showcase singing and dancing talent and supported by people from all walks of life.

One Of Kind’


The Regional Deputy Commissioner (Mumbai Region) Ministry of Social Justice & University of Mumbai in association with CEREBRAL PALSY ASSOCIATION OF INDIA organized the Divyang Sanskrutik Mahotsav 2017 on 4th February 2017 at University of Mumbai.

We at Cerebral Palsy DARE TO DREAM in the face of many challenges. We invite you to come and join us in this movement to make the world a better place for P.D.A.’s (People with Different Abilities).



Since 1968 with its humble beginning Cerebral Palsy Association of India and it’s  unit  Happy Hours Workshop  has come a long way a journey of 45 Years slowly growing towards inclusion, Cerebral Palsy Association of India expresses its gratitude to all those who have made this possible and welcome many others   whose contribution can help and support  our objectives in  future. As an institution it focuses on uplifting the P.D.A.’s (People with Different Abilities) through inclusive programs as well as activities to help each individual grow to the maximum of his/her ability and shine brighter.